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OFFICE HOURS: Mon- Thurs  9 AM till Noon & 1:30 PM till 4 PM;

closed for lunch and Fridays


Thank you for your faithful giving to the ministry of Jesus at Shepherd King. Your generosity not only sustains this congregation’s work, but also supports the larger Lutheran Church, including hospital chaplains and campus pastors at colleges and universities.  Contributions and offerings can be made payable to Shepherd King Lutheran Church and mailed to 303 West Ramsey Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78216.


Please join Pastor Caleb Jeffers, on Facebook Live every Sunday at 10:00 AM.  You will need to scroll down until the image of Pastor Caleb doing a live recording is seen.  If you don’t have Facebook but have internet access, you may view the recorded service after 11:00 AM.

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